VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (http://www.vtt.fi) is an impartial expert organisation. In the field of fuel cell technology VTT is one of the leading research institutes in fuel cell research in the Nordic countries. VTT fuel cell research supports industry product development by maintaining a  evelopment platform comprising of a large selection of research facilities, a selection of developed modeling tools and know-how encompassing different technologies throughout the entire business chain. Mostly of the fuel cell projects in VTT are co-funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, the European research programs, industry, and VTT. At present, more than 30 different companies are involved in the various projects. The main research areas today are PEFC and SOFC including systems, applications, demonstrations, stacks, components, and materials. The purpose of the SOFC research at VTT is to develop new technology and to provide information for industrial enterprises in order to support development work on SOFC-based power plants. It also supports the development of stacks, development of balance of plant (BOP) components, and application of SOFC power plants. One purpose is also to increase the understanding of the fundamentals of SOFC science and systems. VTT SOFC team has 10 members all having higher academic degree. Five of them have a doctoral degree.