Borit NV

Borit is a total solution provider for sheet metal products. As a small and flexible enterprise Borit is dedicated to support customers and partners through the complete product development cycle. Borit’s core technology is the proprietary Hydrogate technology based on hydroforming. At present Borit has two Hydrogate presses available as well as laser-cutting and laser welding for prototype and series production. Borit already produced many metallic bipolar plates for various manufacturers globally and has a broad experience in supporting the design. The application fields are PEM, HTPEM, DMFC and SOFC fuel cells as well as electrolyzers. Production of flow plates for applications outside of fuel cells and electrolyzers, e. g. for cooling solutions or microreactors, extend the experiences.
Borit NV is a spin-off company of OCAS NV and borit Leichtbau-Technik GmbH, established in 2009. The main shareholders of Borit NV are ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region.

Role in the project

- Design support and development for products and tooling.
- Hydroforming of metal sheet plates for SOFC interconnects in various materials and thicknesses
- Cutting, welding and sealing of coated/uncoated metal sheet plates
- Optimization of design for hydroforming aiming at best geometrical design for interconnector plate requirements and at best cost efficiency
- Application know-how for interconnector plates