Flexitallic Ltd.

The Flexitallic Group is the international leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, high value, industrial static sealing solutions. Flexitallic has 37 manufacturing locations comprised of owned plants, ventures, and manufacturing licensees in 15 countries to meet worldwide demand. Flexitallic's varied product offerings includes spiral wound gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets, RTJ gaskets kammprofiles, sheet gaskets, dynamic and static packings. All Flexitallic products are backed by outstanding customer service and technical support. The Flexitallic Group continues to provide leadership, quality, service, and technology to develop sealing solutions for industry around the world and has a proven record of innovation in terms of sealing materials for gaskets and the design of novel gaskets.

Previous experience relevant to the project:

The innovation theme is currently being demonstrated by the evolving Thermiculite range of high temperature sealing materials for general industrial use. One branch of the Thermiculite technology, Thermiculite 866, was designed for SOFC use and is giving good service in many such applications. The aim during the project is to move forward from this material to produce even better sealing materials for SOFC use.

Selected Publications with relevance to the applied project:

The development of the Thermiculite seal has allowed the following patents: WO 98 / 53022, WO 01 / 51834 , WO 03 / 004578 and WO 06 / 075149