CUTEC is a public research organisation of the State of lower Saxony in Germany, specialized in developing innovative, environmentally orientated systems and processes, made ready for operation and compatible with inline industrial processes. CUTEC is strongly interacting with the Technical University of Clausthal. Backed with team experience and know-how, and onsite facilities for experimental work, CUTEC offers applied research and development, innovative services, and professional consulting.
In the field of fuel cell technology CUTEC is one of the leading research institutes in solid oxide fuel cell systems development and research in Germany. CUTEC manages fuel cell research projects partnering with multiple German research organizations and universities as well as industry partners. Fuel cell projects in
CUTEC are co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany, the Ministry of Sciences and Culture of Lower Saxony and NBank, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), industry and CUTEC. At present, more than 20 different companies are involved in the various projects. The main research areas today are SOFC including systems, applications, demonstrations and components. The purpose of the SOFC research at CUTEC is to develop new technology and to provide information for industrial enterprises in order to support development work on cells, stacks, balance of plant (BOP) components and systems