Elcogen Oy

Elcogen Oy (www.elcogen.com), based in Finland, is a start-up company, created by the owners of Elcogen AS (Estonia) in 2009 and operating in the field of “manufacture of electrical/optical machinery”. Elcogen Oy is uniquely positioned to gain a leading position in the supply chain of SOFC fuel cell systems based on its state-of-the-art in stack design, addressing several issues affecting lifetime expectancy of the stack, without compromising cost.

The mission of Elcogen Oy is to develop and provide high quality, cost effective, scalable and sustainable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell solutions. The company’s vision is to become one of the leading SOFC core component suppliers to power system manufacturers worldwide. The targets of Elcogen Oy lie in the following milestones for 2016:
• A stabilized product position on the market in volume production (> 1 MW p.a.);
• A validated competitive production concept (“model plant”). In the initial target market of micro-CHP the following system volumes are expected: Europe 20 000, Asia 10 000, USA 5 000. The target market share for Elcogen OY’s stack business in 2016 is 2.5% est. Further, the company assumes over 20% annual market growth and thereby achieving market leadership, meaning 20% market share by 2022. The target customers include, both in the field of SOFC as well as SOE: 1) system developers relying on third party stacks, 2) system developers currently using in-house stack technology, 3) system developers in Micro-CHP business relying on PEMFC technology now, 4) research institutions involved in stack testing and system development and 5) potential system developers without own R&D in fuel cells.

Elcogen Oy’s mother company Elcogen acquired all stack development IPR from VTT that has been channelled into Elcogen Oy. Cross-usage of (i.e. full access to) VTT facilities for SOFC development (characterisation of materials and analysis of stack behaviour, world class testing facilities for cells and stacks (accredited centre)).