30 Jan 2017 - SuperSOFC: The Joint Workshop on the Development of the European SOFC Value Chain

30 January 2017, Stuttgart, Germany (in conjunction with FDFC 2017) The 4 Projects HELTSTACK, NELLHI, INNOSOFC and DEMOSOFC, and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, are pleased to invite you to a unique collaborative event, showcasing the advancement of SOFC technology within an all-European supply chain for next-generation, clean heat and power.
30 Jan 2017 - SuperSOFC: The Joint Workshop on the Development of the European SOFC Value Chain


Time slot




Introduction from the FCH JU, outlook & expectations for SOFC in stationary applications



10-minute overview of each project: objectives, status, outcomes

1 presenter (coordinator) of each project


Elcogen’s latest stack product: performance, reliability, cost



Making volume happen: component manufacturing for roll-out



Packaging the Power: Convion’s latest CHP modules












Finding a business case: Applications and their Market

Energy Matters


Making money: Business Analyses

Imperial College/PoliTO





Coffee, Walk & Talk Session around project posters

Personal discussions with experts

The Projects:

  • HELTSTACK: Scientific networking and SOFC stack development
  • NELLHI: SOFC stack development for mass manufacturing
  • INNOSOFC: SOFC system integration and market assessments
  • DEMOSOFC: SOFC system demonstration at a municipal waste-water-treatment plant

Who should attend:

  • End users, site owners, government agencies for awareness and information on potential
  • OEMs, engineers, contractors and industries for status of performance, manufacturability and cost
  • Utilities,material suppliers, dealers and distributors for awareness and business outlooks
  • Maintenance personnel, designers and specifiers for practical information on installation
  • Scientists for a view on the technology take-up process and assessment of technology gaps
  • Educators, PhDs and higher education students for engagement with a nascent high-tech industry

Workshop objectives:

  • Pairing business & research: what does the market need? what can the technology offer?
  • A briefing on the status of stack manufacturing cost and production volume trajectories
  • Evaluating business opportunities in EU, the most promising potential markets and applications
  • Reaching out to technology uptakers, industries and potential customers
  • Addressing bottlenecks, gaps and critical needs for delivery and installation of SOFC systems
  • Presentation of European R&D capacities and the outcomes of 4 different EU projects

Key words:

Pairing business and technology, SOFC mass manufacturing, SOFC Applications and their returns, Clean energy for business development, outstanding stacks, ultra-high-efficiency combined heat & power modules, all-European technology

Practical information and registration: